Fingering charts

The Woodwing Fingering Guide
This site has the most exhaustive charts for the regular and altissimo registers.

Level 3 Solutions
Has fingerings for notes up to D8,with many fingerings that are specific for given sax models.

Insubrica Saxophone Society
Offers a chart in PDF with many variations for the alto sax.

Has a chart that goes up to C6,with many variations for each note.

Solo transcriptions (free)

Charles McNeal
With over 200 professionally-typeset solos in PDF format,this is easily the first place to visit when looking for sax transcriptions. The solos are high quality and the page is updated on a regular basis.

EJMA Woodwind Section
A great source for all saxophonists,with many high quality transcriptions that are often transpose in Eb,Bb,and C (concert key).

Casa Vandez Studio
Since 2005 David Valdez is managing one of the best sites devoted to sax lovers,with dozens of articles,transcriptions,tips,interviews,etc. Best of all,new information is added almost on a daily basis. Don’t miss this one!

A little gold-mine,with many pages devoted to practicing and a section containing many transcriptions. Some PDFs only include the initial or central portion of the solo,yet you can get many hard-to-find solos here.

Michael Brecker Live Recordings
A large collection of Michael Brecker’s solos. Louis Gerritz offers his own transcriptions as well as a lot of material provided by other players. Even not counting links to external sites,you can find over 70 original transcribed solos,and new ones are added every now and then.

Bob Berg Transcription Page
Rodolfo Varani did a superb job in transcribing many Bob Berg’s themes and solos.

The Cannonball Adderley Rendez-Vous
As it name suggests,this site –maintained by Giles Miton –is entirely devoted to Cannonball Adderley and showcases his biography,discography,sax setup,etc. There is also a page with solo transcriptions in Eb,Bb,and C,with a RealAudio file of the actual solo.

Steve Khan
Steve is a guitar player who transcribed many interesting solos from important jazz improvisers. The lion’s share is about guitar players,but Steve obviously loves sax players too,and the list includes a few gems. What makes this material precious and unique is that it includes the MP3 file and a thorough analysis of each solo.

Jeff Rzepiela transcribed many sax solos and made them available in Bb,Eb,and C keys. He even provided an analysis and a set of recommended exercises for some of these solos. You need to register to download PDF files.

Transcriptions Pool‘s
A directory of scores and transcribed solos – for all music genders,not just jazz. It allows you to search its collection by style,instrument,or artist. It is also possible to filter by date,therefore it’s easy to quickly find the material added after your last visit.

In case you aren’t familiar with it already,Scribd is a repository for shared documents of all sorts. There are many solos that aren’t available anywhere else,the only problem is finding them. For example,try seaching for “solo transcription” and see what you get.

Jazz Bari Sax
The site every baritone sax player should include among its favorites (or maybe use as his home page). As you may expect,it has a page entirely devoted to transcriptions.

JazzItalia is where many Italian jazz players meet and discuss. Their transcription section is well organized and all solos are accompanied by an MP3 file (often with a slowed down version for study purposes).

Loren Weisbrod
A site with several transcriptions for tenor sax players. Worth a visit.

Harder Bop
Kelly Buchener manages this informative blog. The list of transcribed solos is in the left column.

Practice Portal
James Mahone maintains this superb blog that contains a lot of useful material for music students. There isn’t a specific section for transcriptions,but yuo can easily search for them.

Associative Continuum Jazz et Musiques Improvisées
Many resources for jazz players,even though its transcription section is hardly usable. Some very good solos,though.

Brent Stuntzner
As a guitarist,Brent has transcripted a lot of guitar solos,but it also found the time to work on solos by Charlie Parker,John Coltrane,Johnny Griffin,and Paul Desmond.

South Carolina School of Music
Some assorted solos can be found here,mostly by piano players with some saxophonists.

The place to visit –for info and transcriptions –if you play the wooden instrument. You have to register to download any PDF file.

Solo transcriptions ($$$)
Curtis Swift has transcribed over 2000 solos and sells them at $0.50 per page. For one extra buck you can have the solo in another key (e.g. you can have a tenor solo transcribed for alto). The solos are high-quality and beatifully typeset,and rival those you can find in books. Within a few hours after the PayPal or credit card payment you will receive an email with the solos your ordered,in PDF format. You can also ask Curtis to transcribe a solo that you provide as an MP3 file (for a higher fee).
Here you can find solos for any instrument,including piano. They charge 3 UK pounds per page for solos that are already available,and they can transcribe a solo for you.
This site by Doc Stewart offers virtually all Cannonball’s solos in paper form,for a total of 10 books and nearly 400 solos. Each book costs between 16$ and 80$,plus shipping fees. Solos are not available as individual PDF files.
This site showcases about 20 “official” transcriptions of Dexter Gordon’s solos. Presumably,these are the same solos that are found in Dexter Gordon Jazz Saxophone Solo Book,however you can purchase individual solos,at 4$ each.

Fred Hess
Fred sells collections of Lester Young and Coleman Hawkins’s solos.

Mouthpiece opening charts

Compares all models of JodyJazz alto sax mouthpieces’with Bari,Beechler,Berg Larsen,Dukeoff,Meyer,Ponzol,Rico,Rousseau,Runyon,Rovner,Selmer,Vandoren,Yamaha,Yanagisawa,and a few others. Other charts are available for soprano,tenor,and baritone.

Covers several models by LeBayle,Morgan,Meyer,Otto Link,Ponzol,and Vandoren. This chart compares Ralph Morgan models and also provides reccommendation about which reed to use.

Covers Bari,Beechler,Berg Larsen,Dukeoff,Meyer,Otto Link,Selmer, Vandoren,Yanagisawa,and a few others. Newer models are not covered,yet it’s a very good reference. Apparently,it’s based on 1996 The Saxophone Shop’s catalog,which I have seen in many other sites,such as this.

Comparison of most popular alto sax mouthpieces in a printable GIF image. They have similar charts for soprano,tenor,and baritone.

Provides tip opening and reed suggestions for all Vandore alto sax mouthpieces. Similar charts are available for soprano,tenor,and baritone.

Compares Warburton mouthpieces to models by Otto Link,JodyJazz,Selmer,and Berg Larsen.

Tip opening and facing length for Yamaha Standard Series and for the Custom Series Mouthpieces.