Fingering chart – Altissimo register

This page illustrates the fingerings for notes in the altissimo register.

I selected some the fingerings I’ve found on books and websites and that I found worked well on my saxes,plus many that I figure out myself. Expect that some of these fingerings won’t work on your instrument. Also,keep in mind that these fingerings require that are familiar with playing harmonics and that you adopt a tighter embrochure,harder reeds,and mouthpieces with wider tip openings.

By any means these aren’t the only fingerings you can use for the altissimo register,and you can find a few more complete charts on the Internet,such as the sites listed in this page.

Please Contact me if you use any fingering that isn’t reported in this table.

F#6 – Gb6First choice on older models without side F# key.Better intonation on some models.
Press right-hand Eb key to make it sharper.
G6Only on sopranos with high G key.Press right-hand Bb key to make it sharper..
G#6 – Ab6Press the F# right-hand key to make it sharper
A6More stableAlternate with previous fingering for tonal variety
A#6 – Bb6
C7Release left-hand side D key if sharper
C#7 – Db7Press left-hand G key to make it flatter
D#7 – Eb7Press left-hand G key to make it flatter
F#7 – Gb7Press left-hand G key to make it flatter
G#7 – Ab7Press left-hand G key to make it flatter
A#7 – Bb7