Alistair Parnell lecture on EWI

I just discovered a very informative lecture by sax/ewi expert Alistair Parnell,that covers an introduction to the EWI,demonstrations of sounds,sampled sound via laptop computer,looper pedals and software sound manipulation. The lecture was given at XVI Worlds Saxophone Congress St Andrews 2012 (Scotland) and the YouTube video has been viewed fewer than two thousand times,which is a shame because it deserves a much broader audience. Give it a look and share!

David Sanborn clinic at Selmer Paris

If you have missed this 8-part video,find a spare hour,sit in front of your monitor,and enjoy David Sanborn speaking about his relationship with his instrument,his way of practicing,and a lot more. In my opinion,one of the more interesting sax talk you can find on the Internet. The clinic was held at Selmer Paris,on June 30th,2008.

In Part1 David talks about his fanatic quest for the perfect reed:


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