One dozen unpublished trumpet solos

Thanks to Michael Neff for sending one dozen trumpet solos transcriptions from his personal collection!
If you like this material,pay a visit to Michael website.

100 new sax and trumpet solos

I’ve updated the saxophone and trumpet solo index with about one hundred new transcriptions.

Some of the new additions are actually great videos that show the score WHILE playing the actual solo,which is a terrific educational approach. The ability to visualize the melodic lines and listen to the music at the same time reveals a lot about the performer’s intention and style.

Big thanks to Geoff Spector for sharing several transcriptions with saxopedia!

Over 1500 sax solo transcriptions,3000+ in total!

With today’s additions Saxopedia’s index contains 1521 sax solo transcriptions,plus 1520 transcriptions of other instruments.

This amounts to no fewer than 6-7000 printed pages in total. Or nearly FOUR days of continuous playing,if you prefer! WOW!

New transcriptions by Sandro Fontoni

I wish to thank Sandro Fontoni for sending in five solo transcriptions that haven’t been published elsewhere,two for saxophone:

Larry Schneider’s solo on Bill’s Hit Tune (soprano)
Larry Schneider’s solo on Comrade Conrad (tenor)

and three for double bass:

Dave Holland’s solo on Spot that Man (Night Town,1992 –Don Grolnick)
Dave Holland’s solo on Blues for Pop (Night Town,1992 –Don Grolnick)
Anders Jormin –Sommarnatt (Alone,1991)

I’ve also updated the sax trascriptions page with additional transcriptions found on the ‘Net,for 1399 transcriptions in total.

The definitive solo index

I added many new sax,trumpet,piano,and guitar sections,with brand new pages for bass and for miscellaneous instruments,such as trombone,vibes,and violin.

With this additions,Saxopedia now features over 2700 transcriptions and my plan to create the most comprehensive index of solo transcription can be considered as complete….at least temporarily,until I find new websites with this kind of material. Now’s the time for something completely different.

New section for piano solos

I just created a new section for piano solo transcriptions. It contains only a few dozen solos,but I hope to add more stuff in coming months.

I also added new entries to the page for sax (including an original transcription of Gene Ammons on Confirmation) and many guitar transcriptions,for about one hundred new items in total.


200 new solo transcriptions

I found two French websites that contain solo transcriptions and other interesting material,Le Saxophone and Continuum. As it name suggests,the former is mostly for woodwind players. The latter is for all musicians and features solos for many other instruments. (It’s a pity that they use a rather non-standard user interface which makes navigation more difficult than it should). The non-standard interface plus the French language makes these sites opaque to most search engines.

I also found a couple of e-books on the Charlie McNeal web site,named “The Keith Oxman Sonny Stitt Solo Transcriptions –Book 1″ and “The Keith Oxman Sonny Stitt Solo Transcriptions –Book 2″. In total they contain 150+ pages and 47 transcriptions,mostly of Sonny Stitt on tenor. Keith Oxman did an incredibly great job and the quality is superb,also thanks to Charlie McNeal editing work.

I added these and other solos to my transcription page,and I updated the trumpet and guitar pages,too.

With these new items saxopedia has now more than 2000 solo transcriptions. All for free!

New section:trumpet solo transcriptions

I don’t play the trumpet,but I do believe that you have a lot to learn from any great jazz player,regardless of the instrument that he/she or you play. Moreover,the EWI comes with some great trumpet sound (especially in conjunction with Yamaha VL70-m and the incredibile Patchman Turbo VL chip)

Thus,this summer I scouted the Web and collected over 500 trumpet solo transciptions,which I orderly classified by artist and album. In many cases,there are companion MIDI files (for playing-along) and MP3 files,in case you don’t have the original album. This new section is also reachable from the top-level menu.

I also updated the saxophone solo page, which now counts as many as 1140 transcriptions.

Slow down playback for easy transcriptions

You can find many utilities for slowing down playback speed and let you easily transcribe a theme or a solo.

For example,if you own an iPhone,iPod Touch,or iPad you can download Slow Down Music Trainer:this app is free but has a few limitation. Buying the Unlimited Edition (in-app purchase) gives you the ability to change the song key and a few other minor features. For just $2.99 it is a bargain.

Most Windows software for slowing down playback charge more than 3 bucks,thus you will appreciate the following tip,based on a a relatively little known Windows Media Player feature.

To use this hidden feature you should first enable the Now Playing view (use File-View menu command or just press Ctrl+3 key). Next,right-click anywhere on WMM,select the Enhancements submenu and the Play Speed Settings command.

Yes,it’s that simple and –above all –it’s absolutely free!

Windows Media Playeer speed settings

“See”how sax giants improvise

You can understand much more about Charlie Parker and John Coltrane improvising style by “seeing”it!



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