Lenny Pickett seminar

I came acress this 75-minute seminar by Lenny Pickett,held at Broken Arrow Jazz Band facilities. The video was posted in July 2014 and has been watched to only a few hundred times,which is a pity because it is quite interesting.

For those who aren’t familiar with him:Lenny is sax,flute and clarinet player and is considered a master in altissimo register,alternate fingerings and all sort of tricks and interesting sounds you can get out of a wind instrument. He played with Tower of Power and the Saturday Night Live band.

The seminar has been split if five videos. During the seminar Lenny performs a few of his compositions for sax or clarinet solo,which are impressive and that demonstrate how to use harmonics,multiphonics,slap toungue and altissimo register notes in a very musical context. Happy watching!

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  • This kind of presentation by a master on tenor (and who knew all the other instruments) is terrific and rare. He was included in a book of etudes and playalongs a few years ago that included Ernie Watts and Hubert Laws on flute,but Lenny’s one play along etude was amazing and probably only one other person in the world ever got it right. He is not just a performer on SNL but is the musical director of SNL and his opening and close is a tour de force of altissimo and blues/jazz whatever he wants it to be saxophone. extraordinary sound too There is an interview elsewhere on youtube where he discusses his early years and influences and it is long enough to be in two parts but no playing as I recall. Well worth listening to;he notes he was a practice freak logging 8 hours a day in the early years. His original solos on TOP recordings have never been equalled IMHO and I think those that tried to follow him know it. Thanks for sharing this. You also may want to check out his playing on Rocko Prestia’s Bass Instruction DVD where Lenny does a trio with Rocko and David Garibaldi on TOP tunes. My son plays bass or I never would have heard it!

  • That instruction video also features Jeff Tamelier on guitar and the set is funk masterclass –it’s Rocco’s presentation at Bass Day ’98.

    I’ve got to agree,I don’t think anyone who has followed has touched Lenny’s original solos on the TOP recordings 🙂

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