Lenny Pickett seminar

I came acress this 75-minute seminar by Lenny Pickett,held at Broken Arrow Jazz Band facilities. The video was posted in July 2014 and has been watched to only a few hundred times,which is a pity because it is quite interesting.

For those who aren’t familiar with him:Lenny is sax,flute and clarinet player and is considered a master in altissimo register,alternate fingerings and all sort of tricks and interesting sounds you can get out of a wind instrument. He played with Tower of Power and the Saturday Night Live band.

The seminar has been split if five videos. During the seminar Lenny performs a few of his compositions for sax or clarinet solo,which are impressive and that demonstrate how to use harmonics,multiphonics,slap toungue and altissimo register notes in a very musical context. Happy watching!