399 scales in the new edition of “The Scale Omnibus”

I just uploaded edition 1.02 of The Scale Omnibus, which adds a few more scales,fixes minor mistakes and is still (and will always be) absolutely FREE. With 399 distinct scales and 1,030 scale synonyms,you can hardly find a better value at this price!

A big thank you goes to Bob Hartig,saxophonist,editor,and author of The Giant Steps Scratchpad,who kindly offered to edit and improve this book’s introduction as only a native language writer can do. If you are a jazz musician,do yourself a favor and check out Bob’s Stormhorn website. And if you need the assistance of a professional editor or writer,visit his CopyFox site

Download the new 430-page booklet or read it online at The Scale Omnibus home page.

The Scale Omnibus 1.02

The Scale Omnibus 1.02

11 comments to 399 scales in the new edition of “The Scale Omnibus”

  • Raimundo

    Incredibly useful and fun resource—can’t thank you enough for making this available.

    The list showing the interval is priceless,especially with all the confusing names floating around.

  • Matt

    Holy crap. This is amazing

    Download this.

  • Logan Richard

    If a version of this could be made in bass clef that would be great.

    • Francesco

      I wish I had the time for it 🙂

      The Scale Omnibus was typeset by entering the notes in a music notation software,then capturing portions of the screen and pasting them in Word. Redoing the entire process for bass clef instruments would take a LOT of time. I cannot afford it,but if someone is willing to do it,I will be glad to publish the bass clef version and credit him/her on the cover.

  • Harry Alford

    I tried to download The Omnibus scales,using my Samsung tablet II,wasn’t successful.

  • Harry Alford

    No success in downing The Omnibus Scales using a Samsung Tablet II.

    • Francesco

      Don’t know what to suggest:it downloads and displays correctly on iPads. I don’t have a Samsung tablet and –in any case –I suspect that the problem originates in WordPress software,thus there is little I can do to fix it anyway. Sorry….

  • Peter McMurray

    A fabulous resource. Thank you very much I find it invaluable as I only started learning the piano and music theory last year. Interest in Lydian quick pdf search and there it is. Start a new piece and think I recognise this;thought so Jazz Scale.

  • Hakmoniwubshet

    Very interesting,but there r additional scales in my country ethiopiA,and u mentioned some n some are not correct like tizeta minor,i can help u,

  • Mark

    Thanks much for producing this massive volume!

    In Appendix A. Scale Index,the Mixolydian Intervals are different than on page 13 Mixolydian

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