Some saxopedia numbers

Every now and them I have a look at saxopedia stats,to learn what pages are viewed the most and which ones are less interesting for my fellow musicians.

For example,in a few days the free “The Scale Omnibus”book has been downloaded by more than 3,000 people,and the trend seems growing. The book raised a lot of interest,which makes me very happy. A great reward for the many evenings spent researching,typing and proofreading.

Not surprisingly,the most popular pages are those devoted to transcribed solos. In the last 30 days these pages were visited 40,000 times,with half of the visits going to the sax transcription pages. More than 50,000 solos have been downloaded,most of which are 2-3 pages long. Given that an average book with transcribed contains 120-150 pages,it is as if saxopedia were giving away one thousand transcription books each month. Not bad at all!