FREE 400-page book: “The Scale Omnibus”

The Scale Omnibus is a FREE 430-page book that describes as many as 399 distinct scales in all 12 keys,with synonyms,historical notes,chords over which the scale sounds well,summary tables,and more. It took hours of researching,typing,read-proofing,and double-checking and might easily be the most complete book on this topic.

I am very glad to offer it to instrumentalists,vocalists,composers,improvisers,students,music amateurs and all saxopedia readers.

Feel free to share this material with your fellow musicians. However,instead of passing a copy of the PDF,please point them to THE SCALE OMNIBUS home page,so that they can download the most recent edition.

View PDF online

Download compressed ZIP file

The Scale Omnibus 1.02

The Scale Omnibus


5 comments to FREE 400-page book: “The Scale Omnibus”

  • mhsax

    Thanks a million for sharing the Scale Omnibus –what an awesome resource.
    One error I found is on page 33 (34 of pdf doc),“…can be obtained by combining two diminished 7th chords that are one whole tone apart (e.g. C-Eb-F#-A and C#-E-G-Bb)”
    The second chord should be D-F-G#-B.
    Thanks again!

    • Francesco

      thank you,for both the nice words and the typo alert.

      However,even if the sentence in the book can admittedly be confusing,it is correct nonetheless. In fact,because diminished chords are symmetrical,the 2nd chord is a *descending* whole tone apart from the 1st one. At any rate,I will fix it in the next edition.

  • Davide

    The whole human race is in debt to you

  • Nick Palise

    It shows how much you love music to share it with the musical world. Thank you so much,and at my elderly age,I’m still learning. Your work is a godsend to musicians that want to continuously improve. thank you.

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