100 new sax and trumpet solos

I’ve updated the saxophone and trumpet solo index with about one hundred new transcriptions.

Some of the new additions are actually great videos that show the score WHILE playing the actual solo,which is a terrific educational approach. The ability to visualize the melodic lines and listen to the music at the same time reveals a lot about the performer’s intention and style.

Big thanks to Geoff Spector for sharing several transcriptions with saxopedia!

2 comments to 100 new sax and trumpet solos

  • jean-yves Petit

    mercide m’indiquer le moyen de me procurer ces nouveaux soli
    bonne journée
    jy petit

    • Francesco

      Just select your favorite instrument from the “Transcription”menu item on top to access hundreds of links to transcribed solos.
      All solos are listed together,we don’t keep a separate list of the solos uploaded more recently.

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