The definitive solo index

I added many new sax,trumpet,piano,and guitar sections,with brand new pages for bass and for miscellaneous instruments,such as trombone,vibes,and violin.

With this additions,Saxopedia now features over 2700 transcriptions and my plan to create the most comprehensive index of solo transcription can be considered as complete….at least temporarily,until I find new websites with this kind of material. Now’s the time for something completely different.

3 comments to The definitive solo index

  • hi,great compilation,thank you. Short Q:is there any way to get all solos to a specific song (eg Stella b Stl) at a glance (no matter which instrument or player)? Thanks Philip

    • Francesco

      Unfortunately there is not a way to sort songs by their title. However,you can use the Find command in your browser (typically associated with Ctrl+F key combination) to search all occurrences of a given title in the index page.

      • Philip

        hi Francesco,yes,a search leads to the instruments where the song is included,and then I can do a “search on this webpage”from my browser. So it does work after all,very useful. Cheers and all the best Philip

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