The definitive solo index

I added many new sax,trumpet,piano,and guitar sections,with brand new pages for bass and for miscellaneous instruments,such as trombone,vibes,and violin.

With this additions,Saxopedia now features over 2700 transcriptions and my plan to create the most comprehensive index of solo transcription can be considered as complete….at least temporarily,until I find new websites with this kind of material. Now’s the time for something completely different.

New section for piano solos

I just created a new section for piano solo transcriptions. It contains only a few dozen solos,but I hope to add more stuff in coming months.

I also added new entries to the page for sax (including an original transcription of Gene Ammons on Confirmation) and many guitar transcriptions,for about one hundred new items in total.


Mouthpiece facing comparison charts

After reading this Steve Neff’s review,I decided to try the SAXZ David Sanborn Signature Model mouthpiece. If I manage to get the sound I heard on some video,it should be a good complement for my Meyer,Vandoren Jumbo Java,and Jody Jazz NY mouthpieces.

Having to select the tip opening,I scouted the ‘NET,looking for good comparison charts,using my Meyer as a starting point. It’s good to have these charts always at hand,thus I am sharing them here. I loosely sorted them in decreasing order of usefulness.

JodyJazz –Compares all models of JodyJazz alto sax mouthpieces’with Bari,Beechler,Berg Larsen,Dukeoff,Meyer,Ponzol,Rico,Rousseau,Runyon,Rovner,Selmer,Vandoren,Yamaha,Yanagisawa,and a few others. Other charts are available for soprano,tenor,and baritone. (Image above comes from JodyJazz website.)

JunkDude –Covers several models by LeBayle,Morgan,Meyer,Otto Link,Ponzol,and Vandoren. This chart compares Ralph Morgan models and also provides reccommendation about which reed to use.

Saxman –covers Bari,Beechler,Berg Larsen,Dukeoff,Meyer,Otto Link,Selmer, Vandoren,Yanagisawa,and a few others. Newer models are not covered,yet it’s a very good reference. Apparently,it’s based on 1996 The Saxophone Shop’s catalog,which I have seen in many other sites,such as this.

SaxGourmet:comparison of most popular alto sax mouthpieces in a printable GIF image. They have similar charts for soprano,tenor,and baritone.

Vandoren –Provides tip opening and reed suggestions for all Vandore alto sax mouthpieces. Similar charts are available for soprano,tenor,and baritone.

Warbunton –Compares Warburton mouthpieces to models by Otto Link,JodyJazz,Selmer,and Berg Larsen.

Yamaha –Tip opening and facing length for Yamaha Standard Series and for the Custom Series Mouthpieces.