200 new solo transcriptions

I found two French websites that contain solo transcriptions and other interesting material,Le Saxophone and Continuum. As it name suggests,the former is mostly for woodwind players. The latter is for all musicians and features solos for many other instruments. (It’s a pity that they use a rather non-standard user interface which makes navigation more difficult than it should). The non-standard interface plus the French language makes these sites opaque to most search engines.

I also found a couple of e-books on the Charlie McNeal web site,named “The Keith Oxman Sonny Stitt Solo Transcriptions –Book 1″ and “The Keith Oxman Sonny Stitt Solo Transcriptions –Book 2″. In total they contain 150+ pages and 47 transcriptions,mostly of Sonny Stitt on tenor. Keith Oxman did an incredibly great job and the quality is superb,also thanks to Charlie McNeal editing work.

I added these and other solos to my transcription page,and I updated the trumpet and guitar pages,too.

With these new items saxopedia has now more than 2000 solo transcriptions. All for free!

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