Wireless MIDI for just 8.99$

I recently bought the MIDI Jet Pro for my EWI,so that I send my melodies to my PC,my Yahama VL70-m or Roland SonicCell without a cable in between. I am quite satisfied with it,but admittedly I wasn’t very happy to pay $425 for the joy of wireless MIDI.

Now a cheaper alternative exists for whoever has an iPhone,iPad or iPod Touch. MidiBridge by Audeonic costs only 9 bucks and offers much more than any hardware MIDI wireless system. (I should add “theoretically”because I haven’t tested it yet…)

In short,MidiBridge works as a virtual MIDI patchbay:it takes the MIDI data entering the iPhone/iPad/iPod and sends it to a PC,Mac or another iOS device that sits on the same wireless network. This is where the similiarities with a hardware wireless MIDI device ends,though,because there is a lot more.

  • You can dispatch (clone) the MIDI data to multiple devices,withouth the need of dedicated hardware
  • You can analyze input MIDI data and send it to different devices depending on their MIDI channel
  • You can filter out MIDI data based on several attributes,such as Control Change values,aftertouch
  • …etc. etc.

The vendor claims that the latency is very low with hardware devices and is in the range 3-8 milliseconds with CoreMIDI networking (RTP). Of course,your iOS device needs to be equipped with a MIDI interface (e.g. Line6 MIDI Moblizer,IK Multimedia iRig,or the camera kit if you have an iPad),but if you are a musician and own an iPhone,odds are that you already have them.

As an EWI player,I guess the most natural use of MidiBridge is with the iPhone or iPod Touch,which can be connected to the EWI and still be carried in a pocket or arm band. The iPad is a bit too large and heavy for that. Also,if you want to connect your MIDI instrument to an expander instead of a computer you need another iOS device (including an iPad) that sits near the expander.

BTW,Audeonic has another interesting MIDI app named MidiVision,which allows you to monitor MIDI data flowing into your iOS device. Very useful if something doesn’t work as expected and you need to understand why.

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  • Thanks for the mention. MidiBridge version 1.1 was released today and supports CoreMIDI virtual ports and is now also backgroundable.

    • Francesco

      Thanks for letting us know. With these new features MidiBridge will be even more powerful and useful.

      If I can make a suggestion for future releases,I would like to have a mapping program change table,so that when I send a PC to MIDI device A,a different PC number is sent to device B. With this feature I could change the PC on my EWI and control two expanders at the same time.

      A similar useful feature would be CC mapping,which makes it possible to map one CC message to another (possibly more than one). It would make it possible to use the EWI with expanders that don’t directly support modulation by means of breath control (or without having to modify the settings of those expanders that have this sort of support).

      The third feature I’d like to see is a simple transpose function,so that I can change notes sent to specific channels and ports. I don’t remember I saw this among the options and hopefully it should be relatively easy to implement.

      Again,thanks for writing this great peace of software!

      • Hi Francesco (and others)

        We have just released a free app on the App Store,‘FreEWI’which will map program changes,controller events,midi channels and transpose up or down.

        It was designed primarily from feedback here and from other EWI players who contacted us as an add-on to MidiBridge.

        However,it doesn’t specifically require MidiBridge although it is probably needed if you want to have it work on events coming to/from physical or network ports. As a test we were able to insert it into Arctic Keys for example and do mapping like an fx send/return.

        Anyway,it’s available now at no charge in the App Store:http://j.mp/trElFL

        Hope it is useful for all the EWI players who contacted us.

        • Francesco

          Thank you,I am downloading it right now and will play with it asap. But from your description it seems like something that will be quite useful for many EWI players…

  • Hi Francesco,

    You’re not the first person to ask about mapping for an EWI.

    The main difficulty is trying to come up with an interface for the limited screen real estate to provide complex mapping/transposition and the like.

    It’s definitely something on the list of potential future features.


  • I was drooling over iRig MIDI ever since I heard the initial announcement,finally got one yesterday,and…well,any tips on how to make it work with 4000S? My guess is that it’s the receiving software which needs to be adjusted to recognize the breath controller data. I used SampleTank and several others at no avail,they only pick up the initial attack to control the velocity,no matter how hard you blow. Any advice would be highly appreciated.

    • Francesco

      I have the MIDI Mobilizer (I),which seems to work well with the 4000s with NanoStudio. I am pretty sure that the problem is with the software. NanoStudio allows you to map any CC message (including breath) to several different parameters,which gives (limited) expressiveness. SampleTank,MusicStudio and most others don’t offer this feature,which would benefit not only EWI-ers but also all players using MIDI keywords with assignable knobs.

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