Everything saxophone (reviewed) …reviewed

There are so many saxophone blogs around and it’s hard to keep track of all the good material out there. The beauty of running a blog myself is that I can publish my favorite bookmark list instead of just keeping it for myself.

Today’s choice is Everything Saxophone (Reviewed) site,run by Ben Britton,an experienced sax player who lives near Philadelphia. Ben posts about 3-4 articles a month and virtually all of them are worth reading (and often re-reading).

As the blog’s title suggests,you can find many reviews of saxophones and related accessories and I was delighted to find articles about most of the stuff I use,including Mayer and Vandoren Jumbo Java mouthpieces,Vandoren Optimum Ligature (see image),Jody Jazz DV NY mouthpiece,and Zoom H4N handheld digital recorder.

Interestingly,Ben provides sound clips for all its reviews. For example,here’s a comparison between filed and unfiled Rico Select reeds (incidentally,the reeds that I use regularly).

Ben’s blog abounds of practical suggestions for jazz sax players,such as how to experiment with ligature position,practicing the altissimo register,playing odd time signatures,improvising using motifs and large intervals (see also here).

Ben also transcribed a Coltrane’s solo,which I promply added to the solo transcriptions page.

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