Wikifonia,a repository for music scores of all kind

I wasn’t aware of this website until recently. Wikifonia is a large collection of scores covering many music styles,including rock,jazz,and Broadway musicals. All scores include chord changes and many of them also lyrics. As as important,the community behind the website is very active,and 2-3 new songs are added each day.

What makes Wikifonia really powerful –and interesting for woodwind and brass players –is the ability to transpose the music for Bb and Eb instruments,or to change the key by any given number of halftones. Each song can be downloaded as a PDF file and exported in MusicXML format. You can decide the page format (A4 or US Letter) and even render the page in Braille!

My thanks to Mike Powell for bringing this resource to my attention.


2 comments to Wikifonia,a repository for music scores of all kind

  • If you’re looking for a huge collection of professional scores,ability to transpose,etc. you need to visit which is the Sibelius [Avid] website. All genres are up there and you can use the Scorch plugin (free) to listen to the score before downloading.

  • Wayne Renardson

    The problem with Wikifonia is:you never know. One day it is up and working. The next down for days. Erratic behavior from lack of server memory issues.

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