The end of cigarette paper?

For years I have used cigarette paper to dry the pads of my saxophones after playing,and I know I am in good company. I suspect that they sell more cigarette paper to woodwind players than to actual smokers.

It’s hard to change habits,but I wanted to give these pad dryers a try,and the overal impression is positive. They can absorbe humidity at least as much as paper and you don’t have to be careful about not putting the glued portion of the paper in contact with pads. Their maker –BG in this specific case –claim that they last for one year,but I haven’t tested them for that long. The only limit is:if you are used to leave cigarette paper under keys –most likely,the G# and low C# keys –you can’t use dryers for that,unless you buy them in quantity (and I suspect that in that case they would last much less than one year).

For now I decided to continue to use both:the dryer to absorb most saliva and humnidity and cigarette paper left under the keys to prevent pads from sticking.

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