David Sanborn clinic at Selmer Paris

If you have missed this 8-part video,find a spare hour,sit in front of your monitor,and enjoy David Sanborn speaking about his relationship with his instrument,his way of practicing,and a lot more. In my opinion,one of the more interesting sax talk you can find on the Internet. The clinic was held at Selmer Paris,on June 30th,2008.

In Part1 David talks about his fanatic quest for the perfect reed:


Part 2 is dedicated to finding the right personal sound on the instrument and the relationship between notes and silence,features Gil Goldenstein on piano.


Part 3 is about using throat muscles and practicing habits. It is really astonishing that Sanborn’s sound on this amateur video is very similar to what you can hear on his albums,the evidence that that superb sound isn’t just the result of post-production:


In Part 4,David Sanborn plays and talks about his musical influences:


In Part 5 David answers attendees’questions and talks about the contemporary sax players he admires most (Wayne Shorter,Cannonball Adderley,Joe Henderson…) and his ideas about rubber vs. metal mouthpieces:


Part 6 is about having a good and homogenous sound in all registers,especially in the altissimo register,with his opinion about having something to say when playing


In Part 7 David plays and tells more about his practice patterns and how he studies the way notes relate to chords,and some memories about George Adams and other people he has played with:


In Part 8 David jams with a few local sax players on a tune from his “Here and Gone”album:


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