1000 *FREE* sax solo transcriptions!

Yesterday I spent some time on Scribd,searching for transcribed sax solos. I found tons of them and immediately added them to the Solo Transcriptions page.

As of this writing,on Saxopedia you can find as many as 1043 transcribed solos,from virtually any major sax player. This is the largest free transcription index you can find anywhere,but it can be surely extended.

If you transcribed a solo or found a solo that doesn’t appear in the list,please let me know.

2 comments to 1000 *FREE* sax solo transcriptions!

  • Thank you so much for your work,but
    When I try to go to the “1000 *FREE* sax solo transcriptions!”link,I get the dreaded “Not Found”error message.
    Please advise,

  • Francesco

    Oops! I fixed it,thanks Lou!

    The problem was caused by the fact that I moved the WordPress site from another host,and changed the URL of a few pages.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.

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