Thousands and thousands (and thousands) of jazz licks for free!

For sure is quite popular among jazz players in general,yet I came across this site only recently and maybe this link is going to be useful to many other sax lovers. is perhaps the largest collection of licks from jazz giants such as Charlie Parker,John Coltrane,Bill Evans,and Dizzy Gillespie. I can’t find a way to count how many licks they have,for sure they are some thousands,and the number keeps growing nearly everyday. Anyone can and does contribute with their own favorite licks.

Unlike other licks collection,in this case you can also search for the most common patterns in comping,voicings,and walking line,as well as searching for licks that use bass clef or guitar tabs. Just click on the Options button to display all the available options:

Finding an appropriate lick in this huge repository would be a problem,but BopLand has a fantastic search feature. Just click on the “How to search?”link and you’ll learn how to restrict the search to II-V and II-V-I sequences (or any other chord sequence),to licks that sound well on a give song given its title (in original or transposed key),and a lot more.

The great thing about BopLand is that you don’t need to play the lick on your instrument to hear how it sounds like,just click on a staff and more options will appear,including “Play”. The lick is stored as a MIIDI file and is played in a very simplicistic,roboticised fashion,but it’s enough to get the idea.

If you are interested in submitting your licks,visit BopLand Forum.

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